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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Gems Of Yoga brings you One hundred Yantras

100 Yanthras
in Soundarya Lahari
Sri. Sankaracharya and Soundaryalahari
The genius played key role in propagating Vedanta philosophy and in revamping Arsha culture is undoubtedly Sree sankaracharya. It was he who developed the advaitha religion of Gowdapadar into a great theory. his contribution include the interpretations of Brahmasutra, Upanishads and Bhagavalgeetha. His works such as Vivekachoodamani, Upadeshasahasri, Bhajagovinda, Laghuvakyavruthi can be described as simple explanations for the  ample philosophic thoughts vedanta. His book Soundaryalahari is the very essence of thanthrasastra.
Soundarya Lahari
It contains 100 slokas. First 41 slokas are known by the name 'Anandalahari'. The name of the remaining part is Soundaryalahari. In the first part principles related to Thanthra sasthra are discussed. It also contains the descriptions of Thantra, yantra and mantra, of course all related to Devi. There is markable difference between first and second parts both in the nature of subject dealt with and mode of narration. Some are of the view that the dfirst part was not written by Srisankara. However each sloka of Soundaryalahari is is utilised as 'Manthra' for the achievement of specific goal. More ever there slokas are transformed to yantras. Here mode of offerings, depiction of yantras and and configurations of manthraksharas are explained. There explanations are  scheduled in accordance with the thanthr4a systems and customs preparing in South Indian states. It should be noted that practices explained here must be observed only following the advice of a well versed master.


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